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The Capital Project web page is your one-stop destination for the latest updates on ongoing capital projects. Whether you are a Stakeholder, Faculty, Staff, Teacher, Parent, Student, or Community Member, this page provides the most up-to-date information on project timelines, budgets, and progress. You’ll find detailed project plans, schedules, and documents, as well as regular updates from project teams and stakeholders. Stay informed and engaged with the latest developments by visiting the Capital Project web page today. (links below will open in new tabs)

SEQR Draft Scope for Environmental Impact Statement -Architect’s Report

July 2023 Capital Project Newsletter

June 2023 Capital Project Newsletter

Campus at Thrall Dam Q&A

To view the full PowerPoint, please click here: BOE Update – 01-12-2023
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Aerial view of the purposed geographical location for the new campus.

Where We Stand Today

  • SED Preliminary Review Approval and MCA
  • Finance Schedules and Taxpayer Impact
  • Plans Scaled Back to Reduce Costs
  • Agreement with County for Thrall Dam Property Conveyance
  • EIS and APA Permitting Applications
  • Options for an Alternative Plan

Thrall Dam Park

The Floor Plan for the 1st Floor

Image of the floor plans for the first floor.

The Floor Plan for the 2nd Floor

Image of the floor plans for the second floor.

Lake View Campus Expansion

Conceptual Project Budget 108,898 square feet facility

Mountain View Campus Expansion

Conceptual Project Budget


Image of the Project Schedule

What’s Next

  • Determine the Communities Sentiment
  • Finalize Schematic Plans
  • Obtain Environmental and APA Permits
  • Prepare Bond Resolution
  • Finalize Debt Schedules
  • Establish the Vote Date
  • Prepare Public Information Presentations
Image of the Proposed Net Local Share of Debt Service
Image of the Proposed Capital Project Timetable
Image of the Proposed Capital Project Timetable, part 2