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Community Forums Online – Reopening School

Topic : BVCSD REOPENING PLAN Panelists: Superintendent, Josh Meyer LVC Principal, Dan Parker MVC Principal, Elaine Dixon Cross Director of Student Support Services, Nelly Collazo Dates: August 17th at 6 pm August 18th at 11 am August 20th at 6 pm Purpose: Answer questions from students and parents about the upcoming school year . Questions can be submitted ahead…

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May 12, 2020 Board of Education Report – Mountain View

The last time I presented this report was the week before school closed. Though so much has changed since then, the unwavering commitment of our staff has not. To that end, some things to celebrate: Mr. Buehler continues to motivate us with his Griffin Workout of the Day, Keeping students and families moving and promoting a healthy mindset. Our…

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